Window Tinting

As the Middle East countries witnesses soaring temperatures of over 50 degree Celsius in the summer, window tinting is more than a necessity with numerous benefits to watching out for. Window tinting is a cool solution for minimizing the effect of scorching heat while helping to maintain the air-conditioned temperature within your vehicle. Furthermore, window tinting is capable of protecting the passengers within the vehicle from the harmful UV rays that can cause various health hazards like skin cancer as per studies. In addition, you can protect your favorite upholstery within your vehicle from fading and aging with time by tinting your windows as it protects the interiors of your vehicle from direct exposure to sunlight.

Another important benefit of window tinting is a reduction in fuel consumption. Industrial research reports that over five percent of the fuel is consumed by the vehicle to maintain the air-conditioned temperature within the vehicle. Whereas, window tinting helps in reducing the internal temperature thereby reducing the burden on air conditioning system. Window tinting can enhance the safety of your vehicle, it can hold the shattered glass which can otherwise scatter to the interiors of the vehicle in case of an accident or a theft attempt. In addition to the above-said benefits, there are other benefits such as enhanced privacy and glare reduction. At New Bharath Pitstop, we help you to choose from a wide array of window tints matching your style which incorporates the latest nanotechnology.

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