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Advantages of the best lubrication- New Bharath Pitstop

Lubrication is an essential requirement for your car engine. The car contains lots of metal parts, which move on each other. Hence, the chances of friction are if two metal parts touch each other. This movement increases the heat in the engine, and the heated parts expand and increase the friction. Hence it reduces the car engine performance. It becomes difficult to remove and replace these spare parts. Here you need a good lubricant that will reduce the rate of friction.


Why is lubrication essential for your car?

New Bharath Pitstop certified experts recommend essential lubrication for your car engine. It will enhance the engine performance and make its parts last longer. We advise the best lubricant for your car engine.

We have a stock of imported oils such as Enoc, Mobil, Pro care, and Castrol. Lubricants enhance the car mileage performance by reducing friction.

It is essential for your car because;

  • It enhances engine performance and improves fuel efficiency.
  • Synthetic lubricants reduce energy consumption.
  • Different gear lubricants reduce the gear pressure.

Let’s discuss it in more detail.


Automotive lubrication that your car needs

New Bharath Pitstop, your favorite tyre care shop, our expert mechanics recommend three lubricants for your car to enhance your car performance. These lubricants are;

Engine oil

Visit New Bharath to replace your car engine oil after every six months. Engine oil is the most significant type of lubricant that protects the engine from corrosion and contamination. It reduces the friction among different engine parts. Moreover, it enhances the mileage performance of your car, and it also increases fuel economy.

Transmission fluid

Transmission fluid comes in distinctive red and green colors. These colors help to differentiate them from the other oil types.


Transmission lubricant lubricates transmission components of cars. Hence these are also very significant for the car.



Transmission fluid and engine oil cannot lubricate other parts of your car. 

So grease is there to coat these parts and save them from corrosion and debris that affects their performance of these parts. Lubricant reduces the unnecessary noise that comes from different parts of your car.

Make an appointment with New Bharath Pitstop total tyre care center Al Qusais Dubai and replace any of the lubricants at a competitive market price. Our expert mechanics are always ready to assist you.

Advantage of lubrication

These are the most critical lubricants:

  • Firstly it reduces the friction among your car engine’s automotive parts.
  • Secondly, the oil helps cool down your car heat and washes its parts.
  • Prevent automotive parts from corrosion.
  • Protects the car engine from contamination.
  • Reduces the heat of the engine and keeps the other parts cool.

Best lubricants shop near me

New Bharath pitstop is the only lubricant shop near me in Dubai, providing the tyre change, battery replacement, lubricant change, 3D Wheel alignment, Rim Repair, and many more services since 1954. The certified mechanics at New Bharath Pitstop assist you in no time to bring your car back to the road.

Enhance your riding experience and increase the life of your car engine by replacing the old lubricants with our top-rated imported lubricants and oils.

New Bharath Pitstop lubricant stock

New Bharath Pitstop has a stock of the imported Lubricants;

  • Enoc
  • Mobil
  • Procare
  • Castrol

Visit us or shoot a message at our site. Our customer care officer will contact you at no time. Drive safely on highways, and maintain the quality of car engine performance. Replace the old lubricants with the top-rated lubricant brands.






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