Car Battery Replacement Services


Automotive battery is essential for the electrical functions of your car, including starting the engine. At New Bharath Pitstop we offer car batteries for a wide range of vehicles. We have a large collection of vehicle batteries in stock in different sizes and reserve capacity. Our staff is extremely well-informed and cooperative when it comes to assessing and satisfying your requirements. Our experts can check with your owner’s manual to decide the right battery for your vehicle battery replacement requirements. 



New Bharath Pitstop  knows your vehicles. From your everyday road wheels to your off-the-beaten-track weekend wheels, we have the perfect battery to keep you moving between errands or on the long journey ahead. Since 1954, we started our journey to serve customers with optimal satisfaction.


Change Battery With Assurance

We will get you the exact battery suited for your car, every time you need one. New Bharath Pitstop offers fast testing and installation of a battery. Your battery is an essential part of your vehicle. It gets your vehicle started and powers up the secondary electrical systems like your lights, gps, navigator, monitoring sensors, stereo systems, remote key lock, remote unlock, glass vipers, power seats, power windows, and additional electrical components in your vehicle.


What Does Battery Service Include?

At New Bharath Pitstop, we have the tools and equipment necessary to complete a list of battery services. One vital service is to ensure the battery box oxidization-free, which can actually drain the battery power and even condense its lifespan if it goes unprocessed. A general check allows us to spot any loose or detached items, such as cables, clamps, and terminals, and look for any wear present that may restrain performance.

Additional battery services include running diagnostics, testing the battery condition, and providing a replacement. If your battery needs replacement, we use top-tier imported batteries for all vehicles.


Battery Testing

Battery running slow? Getting ready to take a road trip? Stop in and our team will test your battery. If your battery is running low, we’ll charge it up for you. Is it on its last breath? Let's replace it. We’ll take care of all your battery service needs.


Battery Installation Services

Get free manufacturer’s standard battery installation on your vehicles with expert specialization with world class imported batteries.


Factors disturbing Battery existence

As batteries age, they gradually lose capacity as their function is performed. The stable charge and discharge finally leads to breakdown. Components decay over time, electrical shorts occur and shaking causes damage; all eventually causing failure. Overcharging and undercharging of a battery will also affect behavior on a battery’s existence.


Tips to take care of your car battery

• Clean and remove corrosion and add anti-corrosive protection periodically

• Tighten loose hold-down clamps and terminals periodically

• Test battery condition periodically

• Check the alternator belt tension and wear periodically