Wheel Care

Caring wheels and tyres are essential as they are the most abused part of your car and ought to be cleaned and shielded from environmental wastes. Dressing your tyres to keep them looking new is critical to draw out the life of the rubber and we have access to a variety of finish from shiny to matte. Appropriate wheel protection aid you to keep up the wheel effectively, as you can without much of a stretch wash away the brake dust and different stains which may not be in the case of an unprotected wheel. Proper car wheel alignment in Dubai guarantees the toughness of the wheels, a smooth and safe drive and major savings on fuel.

The larger division of our tinted and machined tyres is for all time covered with a defensive clear coat, which gives added security to the finish and surfaces of the wheel. Preserving the exterior of the wheel requires continuous maintenance. Each sort of custom wheel finish has its own individual support necessities. Whenever you hit the road, you should make sure of your wheels. Servicing the wheel is our strength. What gives us the edge in this exceedingly focused field is not just our know-how, yet in addition the nature of service we offer. Our clients consider us because of the skilled and convenient services they get. So every tyre that comes into our tyre shops in Dubai is concerned and checked minutely, and takes off with the safe knowledge that it has got the most ideal service.