Rim repair services

New bharath pitstop Rim repair services

if your wheel rim gets damaged in an accident? or are you thinking of repairing your rim? and if you are curious about changing your car rim? As it is out of shape, gets noisy and accelerates more then we will recommend getting our timely help, as our team of experienced technicians and mechanics is always ready and fully equipped for your support.


Our trusted Rim Repair services includes

The outer edge of the wheel that maintains its shape is called its rim. In automobiles, the inner edge of the wheel is mounted on it to keep its circular shape. It is important to maintain your rim health to make your car move on without any problem. If your wheels get out of control and lose their grip, they certainly need maintenance. Our rim repair services includes;

1.Rim inspection

Our team of technicians are fully trained to return many types of dented or deformed rimmed to their original conditions. Before starting the process we analyze the symptoms carefully to advise a better remedy. We recommend a proper rim treatment after getting what goes best for your rim. We fix all kinds of dents caused due to driving on rocky roads and accidents.

2.Rim  straightening

Our services of straightening the wheel involves heating an alloy to both sides of the wheel to straighten the damaged area for a proper treatment. A bent rim is not tolerable as it decreases car MPG and causes the gas leakage. It not only causes trouble for your car steering but it makes the car unstable on the road. We fix the issues by straightening the rim.


Most rims wear down and lose attraction and shine because of oxidation reactions and excessive sprays. New bharath pitstop services include rim polishing. We restore your rim attraction and shine by polishing it properly and giving it a mirror finish. We remove the scratches, cuts and discolouring of your car rim at affordable prices.


New bharath pitstop rim repair services include buffing as well.  We make your car rims shine last long by giving it a proper buffing for a more finished look. Take your fainted discoloured car wheels to us and our team changes them completely and give it a new look.



We give your rim a more perfect look by grinding its surface to fix its dimensions and give a more finished look. Grinding is important to give a more accurate look to your vehicle wheel.



Truly skilled and expert technicians are required to repaint your rim and make it last forever. And fortunately we have a team of experts that have remarkable experience of repainting your car rim and making it last longer.


When we recommend rim repair

Long drives, rocky roads, and a sudden road accident always cause damage to the rim and it needs maintenance. We will never recommend driving with a deformed, damaged, or broken rim as it can be dangerous. It is significant to analyze a problem to get it cured. We recommend the rim repair in following conditions;

  1. When you witness unnecessary vibration in the steering wheels.
  2. When wheels give extreme sound while accelerating
  3. Vehicle Increases its fuel consumption/ less MPG

 When you witness poor control over your wheel we recommend a proper wheel alignment and a rim repair. A professional mechanic can handle and repair the wheel rim and make it look like a new one. A little bent and minor damage in the rim should not be neglected. We suggest taking it seriously to avoid any costly maintenance.