Tyre Change and Repair Services

Tyre change or Tyre Installation is replacing the old tyres and installing a new tyre on to the rim or the wheel. Changing the old tyres with a new counterpart creates a big mess for the drivers because it requires expert assistance and precise handling of the objects. It is best advised to be done by a trained and experienced professional.


At New Bharath Pitstop, the tyres be replaced at an affordable price in the hands of experienced technician with the best tyre changing equipment. Our expertise helps us in installing a new tyre safely to your vehicle and provides Wheel Balancing or Road Force Wheel Balancing (as required), 3D Wheel Alignment with the most energy efficient Nitrogen filling. You can opt-out of our tyre change service easily at the time of purchasing a new tyre.


We are the best tyre changing service provider in Dubai. We have been serving our valuable customers since 1954. Thanks to our expert handling and innovative modern tools that help to enhance our clients driving experience. Our aim is to assure quality tyre change service in Dubai.