Brakes constitute to be a crucial element while driving a vehicle and is very significant factor in road safety. While cruising at high speeds you may come in proximity with an unknown object at any point of time. Faulty brakes are reportedly found as one of the chief causes of accidents that occur in Dubai and other cities globally. It all depends upon the reaction time of the driver and efficiency of the brakes that makes the difference in surviving the accidents. Another significant factor in such a scenario is the braking distance which is influenced by the braking system’s condition and tyre tread quality. So it is evident from the above said facts that brakes and indirectly the suspension system is what that makes a difference between a collision and a survival. Such an accidental collision can cause serious injury to the passengers and can even lead to fatality. 

With the advanced brakes and suspension services that you can avail from New Bharath Tyres you can be cent percentage sure when you cruise through the roads that you and your dear ones are safe and comfortable  within your vehicle with your brakes intact. Our expert technical team helps you to keep your brakes in good condition always. We offer timely check ups and changes for your vehicle's brake system with quality products and services to help you drive in peace.