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AlloyGator wheel protection Protect Your Vehicle Wheels

Alloy gator wheel and tire protection, as the name suggests, protect and safeguard your tire wheels from curbing, scratches, or any other damage caused by harsh driving on troublesome roads. They come in different sizes, colors and save your tire tread and rim from any sudden damage. AlloyGator can easily be installed by a trained professional on the wheel between 13’ to 21’ inches.


Do you want to drive the car without any fear of tire damage? We suggest installing these wheel protectors in your car. New Bharath total tire care center is Dubai’s oldest tire care center that has high-quality UK-made alloy gators wheel protectors that are super tough and can easily be fitted in any wheel by our expert technicians.


If you are inquisitive to know about whether alloy gator rim protectors work for your car or not? Here in this blog, you will learn about the top five benefits of an alloy gator.

1.Protection against curbs

The rim of the tire always has to suffer curbs while parking. These curbs damage your rim and change your wheel alignments, as result, you have to experience vibrations. Higher the curb the more your wheel and other suspension parts have to suffer the consequence. An Alloy gator protects your wheel rim from unnecessary damage.

2.Cover existing wheel damage

Wheels are the most important part of a vehicle; any damage can cause troublesome results. You have to change them if handled carelessly. An Alloy gator wheel protection not only protects your car wheel from pothole damage they also safeguard existing wheel scuffs. If your car wheel has any existing damage Alloygator protects it from getting worse.

3.Protect against tire wall damage

While parking your cars your tire wall gets susceptible to damage. Sudden accidents or brakes can disturb the balance of your tire. Alloy gator wheel protection extends above and beyond the surface of your rim wheel so it absorbs all kinds of tire wall damage caused by troublesome driving on rough roads and prevents it from flatting.

4.Compatible for different wheels

Independently tested alloy gators are ready to fit. They come in a large variety of sizes and colors and are flexible enough due to superb quality nylon that makes them compatible with all kinds of wheels. So it does not matter which car you drive, they are easily adjustable with all kinds of car models.


5.Enhance your wheel appearance

As they are attractive and have a variety of colors, they go well with Mclerans, Mercedes, Ferrari, Sports cars, etc. they enhance the appearance of your wheel as well as protect it.


To save costly maintenance we will suggest you install an alligator with these five benefits from our shop. We have imported alloy gators that are made with super tough blended nylon that can equally work in all regions and in all climates. If you have any queries feel free to visit us at https://www.newbharathpitstop.com/







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