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Autel MX Sensor 1 Features and Advantages -Tyre Shop Dubai

Introduction Autel MX Sensor

Autel is the only company manufactures both the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Tools and the TPMS Sensors it offers complete TPMS Solution and TPMS Services. Autel introduces its new product, Autel MX Sensor 1-Sensor. It is the programmable universal TPMS (Screw-in metal valves of pack of 4) made using latest technology and high quality product. The modern TPMS is made up of using high quality material and latest technology.  The 2-in-1 TPMS Sensor is a composition of two frequencies 315MHZ and 433MHZ providing efficient results. The lightweight TPMS Sensor weighs only 12gram making it significantly lighter than the other sensors in the market. Autel MX Sensor provides the highest Vehicle Coverage 98% and 1-SKU Type, this offers the most cost-effective solution to any shop performing TPMS repairs. MX Sensor’s features are latest and are comprehensive. The two in one Autel MX Sensor is mainly designed for TS408, TS508, TS601 MK808TS, MS906TS and some other Autel TPMS Sensors.




The Autel MX Sensors with high quality attributes are particularly designed for high precision air valves, the cold resistance, the high temperature resistance and the long battery time. Easy to use device no proper learning is required to use the sensor. A straight forward installation of 2 to 3 steps. Provide cost and time efficiency.

The Autel MX Sensor provides the best solution of highest industry vehicle coverage 2-in-1 TPMS Sensor. This Solution provides the both 315MHZ and 433MHZ in 1 Sensor.

A Programmable Universal TPMS provides the highest industry vehicle coverage 98% Vehicle Coverage and has the 1-SKU type has reduced inventory to meet the demand of its users. The Autel MX Sensor inventory solution eliminates the costly needs of distributors to carry the hundreds of sensors to fulfill shop orders at the shop level. Needed only one sensor to service is nearly every TPMS equipped vehicle, this means low cost and the resulting efficiency.

The exclusion patented design press release valve design provides interchangeable rubbers and the metal valves to be easily replaced in the same senor hand by hand with no valve fitting tool required to change it.

It ensures one sensor superior battery lifetime and the reliability to match the OE sensor battery performance. 1 Lithium polymer batter is installed inside the sensor already. The Autel MX Sensor is 100% clone-able with the original sensor ID and can be place in the same position of the sensor.

Extraordinary signal strength allows the Autel MX Sensor to be easily program and wirelessly even after the sensors has been mounted to the wheels of vehicles with the maximum signal strength. In one session over 16 sensors can be programmed with the most latest Autel MX TPMS tools. Where the each hotel one sensor has the Siri’s for assuming the strict quality control. The Siri’s number is imprinted on the TPMS Sensor or can be read by hotel TPMS tool (the value of tier pressure is lower or higher than ideal value) to track the sensor. Siri’s numbers for the factory manufacturing to ensure only the highest quality part are installed on the consumer’s vehicles.

The hotel high quality MX sensors are tested and got certified by the SAE standards J1205 / J1206 testing.  Autel MX Sensor guarantees to be free from the manufacturing defects and faults for the period of the 24 months or the 24,000 miles. Which is the first having all the quality attributes in the market.



The Autel MX Sensor is mainly designed for Autel tools.

The Autel MX Sensor is made up of high quality material and involves the advanced TMPS Technology.

The Autel MX Sensor 1-sensor is designed for only Autel TPMS tools.

The Autel MX Sensor inventory solution eliminates the costly needs of distributors.

The Autel MX Sensor exclusive design provides press release valves design that can be changed by hands, no tool is needed to change these valves.

The Autel MX Sensor Autel provides 100% ID clone-able.

The Autel MX Sensor lightweight Autel MX Sensor provides the better performance, the stability and the security.

The Autel MX Sensor is supporting up to 90 percent of North American, European and South Asian vehicles. 

The Autel MX Sensor has superior battery life and has the reliable battery performance.

If any of the Autel MX Sensor is failed to work less than 2 years or fewer than 24,000 then the sensor can be replace by the new sensor.




The Autel MX Sensor is design to meet the requirements of consumers and the buyers. These Sensors are designed to save the cost and time. The easy to install and easy to programmable TPMS Sensor device that provides 98 percent vehicle coverage and longtime battery usage. Autel MX Sensor 1-Sensor greatly simplifies user’s inventory and lowers the investment as well as the sale loss.






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