Autel MX Sensor - Tire Pressure Monitoring System
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Autel MX Sensor - Tire Pressure Monitoring System -TPMS Sensors in Dubai,UAE

Autel MX Sensor - Tire Pressure Monitoring System in Dubai,UAE




Hot Autel MX Sensor 1-Sensor product in at the new bharath Pitshop:


Now a day’s one of the most hot product of New Bharath Pitshop is Autel MX Sensor 1-Sensor.  Autel is the only company manufactures both the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Tools and the TPMS Sensors it offers complete TPMS Solution and TPMS Services. The Autel MX Sensor 1-Sensor is a programmable universal TPMS (Screw-in metal valves of pack of 4) made using latest technology and high quality product. The modern TPMS is made up of using high quality material and latest technology.  The Autel MX Sensor provides the best solution of highest industry vehicle coverage 2-in-1 TPMS Sensor. This Solution provides the both 315MHZ and 433MHZ in 1 Sensor.  The lightweight TPMS Sensor weighs only 12gram making it significantly lighter than the other sensors in the market. Autel MX Sensor provides the highest Vehicle Coverage 98% and 1-SKU Type, this offers the most cost-effective solution to any shop performing TPMS repairs. MX Sensor’s features are latest and are comprehensive. The two in one Autel MX Sensor is mainly designed for TS408, TS508, TS601 MK808TS, MS906TS and some other Autel TPMS Sensors.


It ensures one sensor superior battery lifetime and the reliability to match the OE sensor battery performance. 1 Lithium polymer batter is installed inside the sensor already. The Autel MX Sensor is 100% clone-able with the original sensor ID and it can be place in the same position of the sensor. The hotel high quality MX sensors are tested and got certified by the SAE standards J1205 / J1206 testing.  Autel MX Sensor guarantees to be free from the manufacturing defects and faults for the period of the 24 months or the 24,000 miles. Which is the first having all the quality attributes in the market.

May you will have a good experience with New Bharath Pitshop when you go for your car service.


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