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Battery shop Dubai - Car Battery Shop UAE

New Bharath pitstop are authorized car battery dealers in Dubai. We have a huge range of car batteries at an economical price. Car batteries are an essential automotive part and you cannot drive a car without a working battery.

Car battery maintenance is a significant part of regular check-ups. Do not wait until your car battery suffers a breakdown, replace it and get it repaired and enjoy a stress-free ride.

Car battery suppliers Dubai

There are many car battery suppliers but New Bharath Pitstop deals in imported batteries and has been dealing and repairing the car batteries since 1954. We not only provide the best battery but install it in your car on the spot. Our mechanics know all the innovative techniques to enhance your riding experience. Do not hesitate to inform us about your requirement. We will help you instantly.

Battery replacement service Dubai

Expert advice is always required when your battery gets a breakdown. A regular upgrade is always needed for all automotive parts. We know when your car battery needs a replacement and instant maintenance but if you never know here are some tell-tale signs that indicate the battery is not working well.

  • When the headlight gets dimter than before.
  • Clicking sounds in your car ignition system.
  • The engine gives cracking sounds.
  • Cabin lights do not light brightly, like before.

When you observe all these signs then it is required to take a close look at your battery. Its connectors will be corroded and the gas pedal requires more effort to start.

These are all the alarming signs, if you observe one or all these, there is no need to get worried.new Bharat pitstop, Al Qusais Dubai mechanics are there to help you. 

UAE car battery shop

Our shop in Al Qusais Dubai is the oldest shop in Dubai that repairs car batteries and has a huge range of imported batteries. If you never know where to come and how to get help then navigate our site and contact us on our toll-free numbers and get timely advice.

Car battery dealers in Dubai

There are many car battery dealers in Dubai, but we provide excellent, 100% working batteries with the warranty card. We have original batteries and are authorized car battery dealers in Dubai. Our support never ends with your purchase, we install the batteries and assist you when you need our help.

What is included in Car Battery Services?

Simply tell us about your previous car batteries and the problems you are facing and get an instant quote from our expert mechanics. Just fill out our form available on New Bharath Pitstop site and we will call you back.

What do we offer in our car battery replacement service?


  • We replace the old batteries with the branded new batteries.
  • We Clean and remove corrosion and add anti-corrosive protection periodically.
  • Tighten loose hold-down clamps and terminals periodically.
  • Test your car battery condition periodically.
  • Check the alternator belt tension and wear it periodically.

Save yourself from costly maintenance and get instant help, visit us online and call us to our Toll free numbers.




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