Car AC Repair
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Best car AC repair services near me

Exclusively Avail New Bharath Pitstop Ac repair and maintenance services near me to cope with the summer heat. We provide the best services for your car AC.

New Bharath Pitstop AC repair services

We are your trusted AC service provider in Dubai. Our experts have all the possible solutions to get your car cooling back to the original. Avail of our exclusive summer deal and get an entire AC maintenance and repair service with 100% satisfaction.

Car Air conditioner repair and maintenance service

Here is how our expert AC mechanics assist you in AC maintenance; we do the following;


Car AC inspection

Here is what we do, our expert Car AC mechanics inspect every part of your car AC. We observe the hoses and belts and check out the leakage and any foul odor in the car after switching on the air conditioner. Moreover, we honor and indicate any major AC part breakdown.


Gas refill

After a complete inspection, our New Bharath Pitstop expert diagnoses a problem. If there is any gas leakage problem in the compressor, we repair the coils and refill the gas to maintain the cooling inside the car cabinet.

AC components check-up

Many incidents reported that when the five most important components of car AC never work correctly, it stops cooling. AC components are; compressor, condenser, accumulator, orifice tube, and evaporator. We know and understand the functioning of each part of your car's AC.

We recommend our quality AC component check-up services using modern diagnostic equipment at competitive market prices.

AC eclectic part repair

New Bharath has specialized instruments for Car AC eclectic part repair. We first diagnose the problem related to the fuses, capacitors, wiring, thermostat, etc. Then we repair or install a new part to ensure the quality and working of your car's AC.

AC Maintenance

Periodical Ac maintenance and repair is always recommended by New Bharath Pitstop and highly trained experts and Ac mechanics in Al Qusais Dubai. We advise a complete AC service before summer opens its door to the fullest.

We provide Car AC maintenance for all the car brands. Specifically Audi. Bentley, BMW, Buggati, Ferrari, Jaguar, Maserati, Lamborghini, Maybach, Mclaren, Mercedes, Range Rover, Rolls Royce, Porsche, and Jeep. For the other brands, shoot us a message or ask for an instant quote by filling out our inquiry form.



Ac filter cleaning

Our AC repair and maintenance services include AC filter cleaning. If you observe any hindrance in the excellent airflow and feel excessive dust in your car cabinet, then it's time for an AC filter cleaning. Get the most trusted AC filter cleaning services to escape the summer heat.


When you need Car AC repair and maintenance

If you never know when you need New Bharath Pitstop AC repair services, then according to our experts, these are the telltale signs;

  • When your AC gives weird sounds.
  • You never feel relaxed while the car AC is on.
  • When you observe that the refrigerant is leaking.
  • When you turn On the car AC it smells strange.
  • When you see a problem with the compressor clutch.

If you observe one or multiple signs, there is no need to get stressed. New Bharath Pitstop has 100% satisfactory solutions for any kind of AC problem.


Tips for AC maintenance in summer

Here are a few guidelines for car AC maintenance by our AC mechanics;

  • Run the ac for ten minutes once a week in winter to keep it functional.
  • Recharge the air conditioner to keep it maintained.
  • Get a regular AC maintenance service from New Bharath Pitstop, your favorite car care, and maintenance center in Dubai and UAE.






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