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Best car battery services in Dubai - Battery Replacement

A car battery is just like a backbone, to start a car engine, and is a significant automotive part of any vehicle. A car battery starts the engine of the car, hence, it is impossible to cover a long distance without a powerful car battery.

Car batteries require regular maintenance for good engine performance. Car batteries provide the necessary electric voltage to start the car engine and if it is not providing them then it means it needs maintenance.

Functions of a car battery

A car battery performs many important functions. It is not simple equipment but is an essential part of your car’s integrated system. If you never know what important function your car battery performs then here in this blog I have mentioned some significant functions.

  1. A car battery is a powerhouse of your car. It stores the current and provides when it is needed and keeps it maintained.
  2. It helps to start the car engine.
  3. The car battery gives the necessary power to the ignition system.
  4. It helps to regulate the voltage of your car.

When do you need car battery services?

It is important to understand each and every part of your vehicle to know that it is working properly. Regular maintenance saves you from costly repairs and enhances your car performance.

No automotive part lasts forever, same in the case of the car battery. No battery lasts forever, generally, it needs to be serviced, replaced, or repaired after every two months or more.

And maybe sooner, when you see that it is not performing well.


Signs of battery repair or replacement

When your car engine does not get the necessary voltage to make a start and it struggles to make a quick start then it is a telltale sign that your car battery needs a proper service.

Here are the signs of a dead battery;

  • Your car battery is dead and needs to be replaced when after starting the car, car lights do not turn on.
  • The battery is dead if you never hear any ignition sound in your vehicle after starting it.
  • When your car starts easily today but does not start the next day, it needs battery service.

Why do you need a battery service?

There are many things that affect the battery performance and it needs an instant repair. There are many factors involved that affect your battery performance. Sometimes climatic conditions affect the battery work and when you drive your car non-stop.

How to get the best battery service in Dubai?

The best battery replacement service is hard to find in Dubai but with New Bharath Pitstop battery services it is not difficult enough. You can easily get a new battery and get a replacement and repair.

Without making any compromise on your battery performance, enhance your car engine performance by Just booking an appointment online and getting an instant battery repair.

Get a battery service at New Bharath Pitstop Dubai

New Bharath Pitstop Dubai has experienced mechanics and computerized tools that help to fix all the car battery-related problems at an economical price.

Our battery services involved;

  • Battery inspection services
  • Battery installment services.
  • Battery repair services
  • Battery replacement services


Advantages of battery repair

Here are the most significant advantages of battery repair;

  • Battery services save your money.
  • It enhances your car engine performance.
  • Car battery service enhances your car battery life.
  • It gives you much-needed safety, during a long journey.


Still wondering how to get your car battery repaired and replaced and what will be the cost for all this battery service then contact us at;


And get instant help.





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