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Car AC Service Details: Car AC Repair Shop Dubai

Car AC Service Details: Car AC Repair Shop Dubai

Once you take your car for a car AC service, the expert starts by inspection the cabin temperature while effective the AC. It must be around 5°C-10°C. They would then progress to check the level of the refrigerant current in the system.

Once the refrigerant level beads it affects the AC’s facility to cool. In fact, one of the most mutual reasons why the air-conditioning isn’t cooling your car suitably is this. Using a density gauge and a precision AC gas renewing machine, they flush the refrigerant out and tops it up to the optional level.

While working on this, they also check if there is any thinkable leak or crack in the AC line and hoses. The expert may use a UV dye to improved pinpoint a conceivable leak in the system.

Then comes the compressor, which is the greatest exclusive component in a car AC system. It is what powers all. If the compressor faults, the whole AC system will fail. So, if here is an observable leak it could be since of a bad seal and bearing. The compressor creation whirring noise while working could point to the identical thing. The best way to keep a compressor working is to get it checked out and serviced every year. Also, make sure to get them to substitute the compressor oil.

The condenser, which resides in obverse of the engine, is checked for bent/damaged fins or a stopped line. A condenser becomes clogged due to leaves, dust and rubbles build-up. It can also really take down the cooling efficacy of the AC. If such is the case, the condenser is washed with mild water density so as to not curve the fins.

Still, they also see if the dryer is correctly operative. They also do a final review of the evaporator for any damp build-up. The wetness build-up is not good news. This is since the water content can seep into vital electrical workings under the dashboard.

Lastly, they clean the cottage filter or the HVAC filter (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) situated under the glove box. After each 15,000km, the filter is changed.


Common Car AC Problems



  • Car AC not cooling sufficient

This canister is due to low refrigerant level or a disastrous compressor, which can be quite classy to fix. Another aim for this is rather as easy as a clogged condenser. If the condenser becomes congested it decreases the external area of the coil and this result in less cooling.


  • Bad odor from the AC

The intelligences of this car AC problem are public. A feeble or strong foul smell would point to mound/mildew or humidity creation in the AC filter. Dusting or replacing the mesh regularly solves the problem.

But if you fragrance “rotten eggs” while working the AC, there can be pest assault or a dead animal wherever in the system. We severely mention you should get an expert handle this.

  • Loud whoosh noise

Loud high-pitched whizz noise although operating the AC canister be due to a volley compressor behavior. But, if the noise is impending from inside the cabin, the mobile fan assembly needs a repair or a spare.


  • Water leaking exclusive the cabin

When the refrigerant currents through the evaporator, it becomes reduced. This forms water. If the drain tube which directs the aquatic to the outside converts blocked, you may poster water private the car cabin.


  • Engine overheating

Just like the routing or the water pump, the compressor uses some power since the engine (using the winding belt). The clutch on the compressor can grasp causing the compressor to put an unnecessary load. This finally overheats the engine. 






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