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Car Battery Check and Replacement

Car Battery Check and Replacement-Car Battery in Dubai


We recognize the position of a car battery change check that is open, obtainable, nearby, timely, and cheap. Therefore, we deliver the best car batteries from famous and consistent makers such as Exide and Amaron, Bosch which are suggested for a wide range of cars in the Dubai, UAE market.


A battery is to a car as the soul is to a human body – it saves the machine operational. A high performance car battery is accountable for stowage energy and powering the car’s ignition, fuel distribution system, the engine, and all the electronic machineries of a car when both fixed and in motion.


Therefore, one requests to make regular keep of the battery so that a condition where you involve extra car battery service doesn’t rise. Battery disappointment can risk your car and create worrying situations for you on the road. In that case, emergency car battery replacement or service must be availed of as quickly as conceivable.


Tips for improving Battery Life

  • Certify that the battery and its case are carefully clean each time you are nurture to your vehicle
  • Certify that all battery cables are properly devoted to the own terminals
  • While interfering with or separating the battery cables through service, care or repair, continually remove the negative cable first and join it last
  • Preserve safety and protection while accusing the battery
  • Continually dispose a dead or damaged battery with risky care and protection, and rendering to the local laws and rules of accurate discarding
  • Wear protecting clothing and tackle while handling the battery to escape and hurt or physical harm affected by an unwarranted accident or chemical leakage
  • Retain a close eye on your battery’s health and form
  • Certify that the battery is plaid and checked professionally since time to time


High-Performance Car Batteries Car Fit Experts

At New Bharath Pitstop, we proposition original batteries from Exide, Amaron, Bosch and other important players. We keep all types of batteries for a wide range of cars in the Dubai market. Our aim is to deliver quick and complete battery solutions.

We grind highly skilled specialists to work on your vehicle at your doorstep. Whether you need to see the exact car battery price, we are arranged to assist you with our complete and quick battery solutions.







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