Car Wheel alignment service
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Car Wheel alignment service in Dubai

The car wheel alignment system requires regular maintenance like all other systems in your car. Wheel alignment is the adjustment of wheel suspension. Wheel alignment is the adjustment of wheel angles, its proper angles with the road. We can say that wheel alignment is the adjustment of the wheel suspension system. The suspension system of the car handles the handling of the car during a ride and the quality of the ride. Proper wheel alignment is always required for a smooth and luxurious riding experience.

Factors affecting wheel alignment

Wheel alignment is affected when you replace your old tyres and after a long drive on uneven bumpy, rough, and aggressive roads. There are many factors involved that affect the wheel alignments. Some of the telltale signs are as follow;

  1. During a drive, your vehicle pulls to either side.
  2. The steering wheel vibrates during a drive.
  3. Unnecessary noise during a ride.
  4. Uneven tyre tread.

Why car wheel alignment is needed?

Car wheel alignment is always needed for a smooth and noise-free ride. It is important for a comfortable ride that your car wheels make a standardized angle with the road. It can only be possible when a set of four tires is in the right position. Proper alignment of tyres makes your tyres more durable and long-lasting.

Signs of poor alignment

If you never know the signs of poor wheel alignment then here are some prominent signs;

  1. Tyre is scuffed means its tread is down at one point or one side of tyre tread is smoother than the other.
  2. Tyre in and outside is more worn out than the center of the tread.
  3. When you notice sharp edges on the corner of the tread as compared to the middle portion.

Best wheel alignment in New Bharath Pitstop Dubai

Finding the right place to fix the alignment is not easy in Dubai. New Bharath Pitstop Dubai's expert mechanics recommend adjusting your tyre alignment after completing 50000 miles or 100000 miles, they know how to fix the alignment and they adjust it with the help of modern machines and specific tools.

To avoid any kind of serious threat to your vehicle experts always advise fixing the alignment issues as soon as possible. New Bharath total tyre care center in UAE PROVIDE 3d wheel alignment service at an economical price.


What does the new Bharath pitstop wheel alignment service include?

Technicians and mechanics fix the following angle during the alignment of tyres. They usually fix the three specific things that are;

1.Adjusting cambers

Cambers of the wheel are its inward and outward angles, mechanics adjust these angles during the alignment.

2.Fixing the toes

It is fixing the inward and outward direction of tyre, when we notice it from the upside-down. It is similar as we view our toes while standing. A proper toe angle is significant while you make a turn.

3.Adjusting the caster

Proper caster angle help in cornering. It's the angle of the tyre that can be seen from the side.


Periodical wheel alignment checkups are recommended just like how frequently you change your engine oil. Such checkups can not only help to increase the longevity of your tyres but can boost the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. New Bharat Pitstop can fix your wheel alignment problems in Dubai perfectly and that too in a short period, thanks to our most modern wheel alignments systems.





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