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Energies into Your Car AC Service | Car AC Service in Dubai, UAE



Be your everyday office travel or a weekend getaway, travelling without AC is successful to be terrible. Assumed that the temperature private the car cabin can rise up to 60°C, inspection up on your car AC must be your top importance. There can be a host of concerns sneaking up like low cooling, odour, failed compressor and several others. Although regular AC care should be a usual, it is generally arranged to get a full car AC service each year to keep the cooling at maximum efficiency. 


In this blog post, we are going to intricate on what goes inside AC servicing. Learn more on vital AC components, joint AC issues and how you can simply maintain your car air training at home.


How a Car AC Works

Let’s get certain insight into what marks a car AC purpose – the components. Starting with the-



As the term suggests, is answerable for compressing the refrigerant. The compressor works like a pump that pressurizes the refrigerant and passes it on to the evaporator. The drive-belt drives the compressor. It also powers the control navigation, water pump etc.


The refrigerant is a liquid that is limited within the coils of a car AC scheme that makes the whole cooling thing possible. Before 1993, the greatest widely charity refrigerant was the R-12 a.k.a Freon. They, though, quickly replaced Freon since it harmed the situation. 


A condenser is a mesh of coils. They position these coils in a zig-zag arrangement to easily remove the heat from the crushed gas. It acts as a heat exchanger which cools the refrigerant by moving its state from gas to liquid.


The evaporator is rather opposite of a condenser. It adapts the liquid refrigerant back to its gassy state. It concurrently dissipates the heat and more cools it down. The evaporator is situated inside the car. The manufacturers naturally place it late the dashboard.


·Expansion Valve

The increase valve works in bike with the evaporator. It controls the gravity of the AC refrigerant done the AC system.


The dryer unit covers a desiccant. It is guilty for heaving away humidity that can bleed into the AC system and the cabin.






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