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How Overheating Harms Your Car Battery

Reliable 400C+ temperatures are a fact of life through the UAE summer months between May and September. Even overnight diseases don’t drop much below 300C. One of the most vulnerable-to-infection workings of your vehicle is the car battery, and although a 2010 study reported that starter batteries are attractive more heat-resistant, the current state of play specifies that for every 80C rise in infection, the lifespan of a sealed lead-acid battery might be cut in HALF.


Most regular car batteries are calculated to function optimally at an ambient temperature of everywhere 250C. Deliberate what that earnings for your car battery once you’re driving along Road at 100kph, a/c at full flash (inside the car, of course), and the separate temperature at everywhere 420C. No wonder your battery doesn’t last plentiful yonder three years.

The bad news is that once this type of heat harm occurs, the capacity of the battery is eternally reduced and cannot be returned. The good news is that technical advances to the manufacturing method are regularly adding to the battery’s lifespan. Studies display that your average appetizer battery in the prompt sixties lasted only thirty four months, collective to forty one months by the year 2000, and skipped to an average of 55 months by 2010. What is prominent about these latest statistics, however, is the obvious difference in battery lifespan amongst the cooler arctic climes (59 months, on average) and the warmer southern climates (only 47 months)—a whole year’s alteration.


This last statistic also highpoints the position of observing out for a battery explicitly industrial for the furnace climates—look for a design of “S” or “South” on the freestyle casing, as antagonistic to “N” or “North”.

There looks also to be certain subjective indication that a battery contained in the (cooler) trunk of the vehicle takes up to a year longer than one housed in the engine compartment, though one imagines that there might be useful considerations which caution alongside this design.


Recent battery enterprise perfections have abolished some of the disadvantages of the conformist lead-acid battery. The VRLA (valve-regulated lead-acid) battery, occasionally called a sealed lead-acid (SLA), gel cell or maintenance-free battery, was presented in the 1980s and hailed as a invention in battery technology. Indeed, the gel and permeable glass mat (AGM) battery technology has verified to be popular in late-model high-tech vehicles and motorcycles. However, the typical flooded lead-acid battery is immobile one of the most consistent systems, and well-suited to hot weathers. With good keep, these batteries can latter for ten years and more, notwithstanding their disadvantages of requiring even topping up and decent drying.


Certain common-sense securities to extend your car’s battery life in the UAE heat would be to park in a dappled area, specifically during the day, and brand sure that the battery is plaid and preserved at least each three months by a capable technician, to confirm it keeps its volume.






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