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How to check your vehicle before a summer road trip

Summer is the time for road trips! But before starting your road trip, it's a good idea to check your car. Here are a few things to look for to make sure your car is ready for your trip.

Car maintenance checklist for summer

Summer is the perfect time to hit the open road and explore new destinations. But before you embark on your journey, it's essential to make sure your car is in good condition. A few simple steps can help to ensure a smooth and safe trip.

Summer checklist for cars

As the summer season approaches, making sure your car is in good shape is essential. After all, you'll be doing a lot of driving as you take advantage of the warmer weather. Here's a quick checklist to help you get started:

Check the tyre

 First, check your tyres. Be sure to inspect the tread depth and look for any signs of wear or damage. If you're not know how to do this, stop by your local tyre dealer for assistance.

If your tyres are looking worn, it's time for new ones. Head to your local tyre dealer's new Bharath pitstop and pick up a set of new tyres. While you're there, ask about tyre care. Proper maintenance will help your tyres last longer.

Check oil

Next, check your fluid levels and top off any that are low- It's also a good idea to change your oil before summer. It will help your car's engine run smoothly and prevent overheating.

Check battery

Check your car battery before starting a long highway trip. If it is more than three years, it's time for a replacement. Summer is a tough time on batteries, so it's best to be safe and replace yours before it dies.

Check car A.C.

It's the time of year again when the mercury starts to rise, and the only thing that seems to provide relief is the air conditioning in your car. But what happens when your A.C. starts blowing warm air instead of cold? You could need a car A.C. repair.


Looking for car A.C. services this summer, look no further than New Bharath Pitstop. We offer convenient and affordable car A.C. repair services to keep you cool all season long.

Check cleanliness

Finally, give your car a good wash and vacuum to remove any dirt or debris that could accumulate during your trip. It will need a few minutes to prepare your car; you can help to avoid any unnecessary headaches down the road.


You can prepare your car for summer road trips by following these suggestions.


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