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Installing tyre air pressure monitoring system(TPMS)

Drive safely on highway speed by installing a tyre air pressure monitoring system. New Bharath Pitstop certified technicians install worry-free, affordable, and the most reliable TPMS in your car.


Tyre air pressure monitoring system

A Tyre air pressure monitoring system, also known as TPMS, is the tyre pressure indicator that gives you a signal when one or multiple tyres air pressure falls below the recommended inflation level. Moreover, it allows you to enjoy complete control of your vehicle even on high MPHS ratings.

Why is TPMS needed for your vehicle?

A working tyre air pressure monitoring system is always required for luxury car owners and passenger car drivers. That's why most vehicles today are equipped with the TPMS. It saves the tyre from a sudden puncture and helps you have a smooth ride on aggressive roads.

How does TPMS work in your car?

There are two types of tyre pressure monitoring systems available: direct TPMS and Indirect TPMS. Both these systems have different working.

Direct TPMS

It is installed directly on the tyre, conveying the message by blinking the light on your dashboard screen when the tyre air pressure falls below the required limit. It is a little costly because it needs specialized tools for proper installation, and more time is needed to monitor and reset the sensor.

Indirect TPMS

This is not installed directly on the tyre. It detects the low air pressure by comparing the tyre speed level with the anti-lock speed sensor in the car. These are less costly than the direct TPMS.

What to do when the indicator light blinks?

Many drivers never know when their dashboard light gives you a low-pressure signal. Check the tyre pressure when the light blinks and replace the low-pressure tyre with the spare tyre.

Visit New Bharath Pitstop and replace your old tyre with our wide range of eco-friendly summer tyres. Our expert mechanics diagnose the problems in your tyre and recommend the best possible solution. They are committed to bringing you back safely on the road.

What do we do?

New Bharath Pitstop installs the best TPMS in your cars; we reset and check it's working. When it indicates low pressure, we assist in optimizing the air pressure, diagnose the reason behind the low pressure, and recommend tyre replacement.

Our expert technicians install TPMS in all car models such as; Audi, BMW, Honda, Lexus, Lexus RX, Mazda, Mercedes, Mercedes SLK, MINI Cooper, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Matrix, Toyota Solara, Toyota Highlander, Toyota RAV4, Volkswagen GTI.

We also install it in highway trucks and Vans. Get a quote by filling out the inquiry form and get a quote for installing TPMS in your car model.

Benefits of tyre air pressure monitoring system

There are lots of significant benefits of tyre pressure monitoring systems;

  1. It notifies you when your car's air pressure is low.
  2. It helps you to maintain the recommended air pressure in your car tyre.
  3. TPMS increases your handling.
  4. It enhances the mileage performance of your car.
  5. You can drive safely without the stress of sudden tyre puncture or running flat.
  6. TPMS increases fuel efficiency.




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