Car Battery Services Dubai
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New bharath pitstop car battery services

Car battery service is to keep your car battery maintained and function properly. It is something very significant as the heart of your vehicle. No battery lasts forever; it always requires proper maintenance and services for efficient performance. New bharta pitstop is always here to assist and maintain the life of your batteries. If you are inquisitive and do not know what to do when your car battery does not work well. Our professional team of expert mechanics are ready to assist.


Our car battery services includes

We suggest a regular inspection of the battery to make it work properly without creating any mess. People mostly think that cold weather affects the battery but hot climate usually deteriorates and causes more damage to your car battery. Repair and maintenance is always suggested for its proper functioning and increasing lifespan.

If you are thinking of replacing or repairing your old car batteries, with our timely assistance nothing to worry about.

Our battery services includes;


1.Battery testing

When your car battery suddenly stops working or runs slowly it is a clear sign of some problems. Newbharta pitstop mechanics are fully equipped and trained to test your car battery. We check your car battery voltage and analyze it by starting the car and turning on the headlights. If they are dim it clearly indicates that your car battery is not working properly. We suggest what is best for your battery.


2.Inspecting the battery

Our team of experts examine the battery, its terminals and cables to know the reasons behind its failure and suggest a repair or replacement. Battery repairs require cleaning it properly and removing all corrosion that sets aside its cables, battery plates and terminals, but if our experts analyze that repair is not a solution we suggest a battery replacement. Whatever the circumstances, we have proper tools and technicians for repairing as well as for replacing.


3.Cleaning the battery

 Our team of experts know  how to increase the battery life by cleaning and washing it properly. New bharath pitstop mechanics clean its surface, terminals as well as cabels. All corrosion is thoroughly cleaned and removed. Corrosion is a big hindrance as it makes it difficult to connect the battery to its terminals.


4.Installing the battery

We have world class imported batteries for all kinds of vehicles and a team of experts that install a battery according to the factory model.

New battery Installation services includes;

  • Checking battery heights to provide proper space for the bonnet.
  • Cleaning the tray, remove the corrosion by painting it.
  • Cleaning the terminals properly to assure they have no corrosion.
  • If they are still corroded we recommend replacing them.
  • Safely instal and fix the battery in your car.


When we recommend to replace the battery

New bharath pitstop is working for the betterment of your vehicles. We recommend replacing your battery only when it is completely worn down or after every three years. As there are lots of safety issues that arise due to older batteries.







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