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Things to know before visiting tyre dealers Dubai

Reputable and professional dealers always sell the right tyres and avoid dealing the fake products, like the new Bharath pitstop, the experienced tyre dealers in Dubai. Buying a tyre in Dubai is very tricky. We always recommend buying the tyres from a reputable dealer, to have a stress-free ride. When you are going to purchase a new tyre, or replace your old set of tyres, there are many telltale signs that can help you to differentiate between fake/duplicate or original tyres.


How to identify an Original tyre?

It is important to know the quality, the constituents of a product before buying it. Tyres are the most vital part of a vehicle. For a luxurious riding experience quality of the tyre is very important. it is important to make research and get all the information about the tyre to avoid any kind of mishap after making a purchase. There are many fake tyres available in the market. Without proper information, unintentionally many customers purchase them.

An original tyre has the following characteristics that differentiate them from the fake ones;


  1. Original tyres are made up of pure black rubber compounds.
  2. Original tyres have deep tread.
  3. After applying a little pressure a fake tyre tread gets cracks but original tyres can carry the weight easily.


Signs of a fake tyre

We advise buying a tyre from a reputed dealer, fake tyres can become a cause of the accident. Many incidents reported that accidents occur due to a lack of quality information about the tyres.

Here are some signs that spot a fake tyre;


  • The fake tyre lake in paperwork, no warranty card.
  • These tyre have fake logos and wrong spelling.
  • These tyres are sold at some unreputable place.
  • The fake tyre has missing details on the sidewalls.
  • They are not standard black.


Where to buy original tyres in dubai?

There are many fake companies that sell and manufacture fake tyres but fail to give 100% satisfactory results. There are many dealers who give a little discount to sell their old tyres, beware of those dealers.

Dubai has mostly hor weather and quality of tyre are important to drive safely on the aggressive roads. Hence, it is important to buy the tyre from reputed dealers who have lots of good ratings and reviews.


Best tyre dealers in Dubai

New Bharath Pitstop Dubai is the oldest tyre dealer in Dubai. They import original tyres from the world's most reputed brands and sell them at their store. They offer all kinds of automotive products at a market competitive price and give expert service.

The expert at the new Bharath pitstop assists you in selecting the right tyre for your vehicle, that lasts long.

New Bharath Pitstop Dubai deals in all kinds of tyres, they have a huge variety of Bridgestone, Michelin, Cooper, Goodyear, and Dunlop.

They handled the tyre documents after the purchase like warranty and tyre specific details and their expert help is always there.




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