Car Battery in Dubai
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Tips to help you improve your car battery life

Batteries are the salvation of nearly all automobiles and essential nutritious care to continue portion you for long. With the growing number of electrical and electric machineries being extra to the new vehicles, batteries bear a lot of the shipment when it derives to carrying powerful routine on the roads. To confirm your car keeps effective as and when you require, steady conservation is of utmost position and that contains caring for your car battery as well.


While extra batteries are eagerly available in the market, a miniature care on your own can go a long way in swelling the durability of your car battery. To find it easier for you, here we have noted down a few simple tips on how to increase car battery life:



#Tip 1 - Always confirm you get a right battery for your car


This earnings that the battery not solitary has to materially fit inside the car, but also must be able to meet the power supplies for your vehicle electricals.



#Tip 2 - Clean the battery stations at intervals


With time, dust and erosion accrue on the battery terminals thereby touching its presentation and strength. Cleaning the depots with a dry cloth at regular intervals is suggested to ensure smooth power flow complete orderly terminal and a longer battery life.



#Tip 3 - Be careful about the self-discharge


Car batteries drains out over time. However, departure your car unattended for too long is never a good idea, as battery self-discharge strength drain the entire power and your car force not start when you try to take it out. Level if you intend to keep your car vacant for a long period, try to start the car subsequently every 5-7 days for at least 5 minutes to have your car battery in working illness.



#Tip 4 - Try not to custom electronics when idling


Lengthy periods of lazing in a car with the music system, lights and air conditioner on, is not actually positive for your car battery. Try to reduce battery need as much as possible, especially when your engine isn't turned on. Also, each time you step out of your car, reminisce to turn off the headlights and other electronic gadgets.

Significant your battery is the first step if you want to attention for it and learn how to improve car battery life. Exide has a few nearby DIY tips to help you as well, in case you face battery matters with your car on road.






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