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Tyre compensation – Types and Recommendations

Tyre damage can occur to someone at any time, no material how wary you are or whether your car have new tyres or elder ones. Inspection your tyres often and creation sure that they are inside the limits can help you minor repair costs and avoid assured types of harm.

The most universal damage incur by tyres includes the following:

  • Punctures
  • Cuts
  • Cracks
  • Bulges
  • Irregular wear to the tread

If you determine or suspect wear or damage, have your tyres inspect without delay at the bordering Apollo zone. Find the adjoining dealer here


How often should you check your tyres?

Apollo tyres recommends inspection your tyres about once a week. You must look for any palpable cipher of damage: punctures, worn patches, etc. You must also run you’re tender along the tyre to observe if something is caught in the tread and check the air strain to make sure it is at the most select level. To ensure the tread, you can use a tyre tramp depth weigh or a coin.

Under are the costs which we typically fall into and Apollo showcasing the enough recommendation to resolve the same?


Run Flat Damage

Possible Cause

  • incessant driving after a puncture or in an underinflated form


  • for all time maintain increase pressure
  • Check increase pressure every week when the tyre is cold and make sure valve cap is protected
  • Stop the vehicles carefully after the tyre/tube gets puncture



Sidewall Bulge

Credible Cause

  • Continuous driving after a puncture or in an underinflated condition
  • injured bead ply cords due to improper mounting/demounting


  • Always preserve inflation pressure
  • Stop the vehicle carefully after the tyre/tube gets puncture



Sidewall Bulge – Nail Cut

Credible Cause

  • frequent abrasion of nail/ sharp object on corpse costs the ply cords from within on the low sidewall district
  • Carcass loses might at hurt area hence sidewall bulges out


  • make cautiously
  • Stop the vehicle securely after tyre/tube gets puncture


We recommends:

Tyre damage can be shocking to the performance of your car and can put your fitness and safety at risk. Even as some source of damage is inevitable, there are several ways that you can shun wheel damage by using apposite driving setting.

It may seem difficult to check your tyres every week but liability so can help you avoid several problems in the long run. It motivation alert you to issues that can help you to keep your safety, amplify the durability of your car and keep you money.






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