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Tyre Safety and maintenance - Tyre Dealers Dubai

You’re pouring along calmly. The lot seems to be departing efficiently. You go about a corner and rapidly there’s an animal in your path or a tyre blows out or there’s amazing on the road that causes your car to lose grip and your car starts sliding. What do you do?

Panic. But to won’t help. Read on and find out how to take care of your car tyres so naught like this happen on the road. Learn this correctly and it’ll help you turn into one of the safest drivers.


  • Tyre Inspection: Regular scrutiny and upholding of your tyres will help extend their lifespan. The form of your tyre stride is one needle of your vehicle’s health. Normal checks of all four tyres can help identify potential harms that may require specialized intrusion. check your tyres at least once a month, as well as prior to and after long journeys.


  • Tyre Pressure: build it a habit of inspection tyre pressure repeatedly (every 2-4 weeks) as proper tyre rise can make driving a lot safer and make your tyres last longer. at all times maintain Inflation Pressure (cold) within optional parameters. Even in ideal conditions, tyres lose stress at a rate of about 0.69 bars or 1 pound per square inch (psi) per month. That rate increases as temperature rise. You’ll find the suggested pressure in your vehicle owner’s manual or on the sidewall of your tyre. Maintain 5 psi(0.3 kg/cm) more strain than recommended in the spare wheel and truthful it once it’s put to use.


  • Wheel Alignment: Wheel alignment must be done after every 5,000 kms. or at any time any irregular wear on tyre is found.



  • Wheel Balancing: Wheel balancing allows the tires and wheels to spin without causing any vibrations. This is optional for better ride, conduct and safety. Balance the wheel meeting whenever vibrations are felt through running


  • Tyre Size: For best radial advantage, mount tyres with optional rim width.



  • Post Puncture maintenance: Check tyres carefully for damages due to puncture and impact. Always use new tubeless valve and new tube while replace the tubeless and tube type tyres


  • Tyre Rotation: make sure that your tyres wear calmly by having them rotate every 5000 kms. Rotating your tyres helps attain consistent wear across the full set. Even sport can help extend the life of your tyres and obtain impartial handling and traction. Regular tyre revolution can help keep your vehicle treatment easily. It’s a good idea to revolve them at every following oil change.



  • Tyre Replacement: Tyre life varies. It depends on your driving habits, the weather you live in and how well you preserve your tyres. All tyres wear out or turn into damaged and will eventually need replacing. Forever restore tyres once walk wear pointer is noticeable.





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