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What is meant by tyre care? - Tyre Shop in Dubai

Tyre inspection is a time to time analysis of your car tyres to examine their general condition and examine the sign of any damage. You cannot drive a car without the tyres. Tyres are important for a ride. Tyres are responsible for your safety on the road and any problem related to them can cause serious troubles for you.

If you are not good at examining the tyres then you should visit the expert's mechanics regularly to avoid any mishap.

Why is tyre care needed?

Normally a tyre can last for five long years, but tyre life completely depends on your driving style, road condition and environmental factors. Like all other parts of the vehicle, tyres also suffer aging. The old tyres can create many problems and can become a cause of accidents.

For a safe and smooth drive, it is important to keep your car tyres in a good condition. Proper and timely care enhances their durability.

How long does a tyre last?

A tyre lasts for 40000 kilometers and it can last longer. We cannot say exactly how long a tyre will last? There are many factors involved that decide the age of a tyre. It depends on the roads, your riding style, tyre tread, and etc. But proper tyre care is always needed to make them last longer.

Best tyre care shop in Dubai

If you are not good at examining car tyres then we will recommend you visit a tyre care shop in Dubai. Roads in Dubai are very aggressive and the weather change often results in cracks in tyre tread. If you are residing in UAE and never know where to get expert help then we will recommend you to visit the experienced mechanics and Dubai's oldest tyre care center that is the new Bharath pitstop. We have been working here since 1954. Our experienced mechanics know how to treat different types of tyres.

New Bharath Pitstop total tyre care services Dubai

We provide the following services;

  1. We select the best tyre according to your car model.
  2. We installed the tyre.
  3. Check the air pressure in the tyres.
  4. Fix the wheel alignment.
  5. Adjust the Balance of the tyres.


We always recommend checking your tyres regularly to avoid any kind of accident and get the best services for your car tyres from a well-reputed tyre care center.


Advantages of tyre care

Maintaining your vehicle is very important and is always recommended for a smooth and comfortable riding experience. Tyre care has the following advantages.

  • It increases the tyre durability.
  • Tyre care enhances fuel efficiency.
  • Tyre care keeps you safe while driving.
  • Tyre care increases your riding experience.
  • There will be no unnecessary noise and vibration in your car.
  • Tyre care enhances the wet and dry grip.
  • It increases brake control and minimizes the braking distances.

Tyre dealers in Dubai

New Bharath Pitstop is the only tyre dealer in Dubai that has been working here since 1954. It is the oldest tyre shop in Dubai that deals in all kinds of tyres and have a huge collection of imported tyres with warranty card.

The expert mechanics install the tyres and fix all kinds of issues related to tyre balance and tyre alignment.






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