Wheel & Rim Repair Services in Dubai
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Wheel & Rim Repair Services in Dubai

A car eventually offers suitability. Sure, you can take communal carriage, but a car can yield you anywhere you want and essential to go. Due to its applied use, you need to be talented to drive your car for years to come. One of the greatest ways to certify top-notch recital is over our wheel repair facilities at New Bharath Pitstop. In totalling to our repair services, New Bharath Pitstop can progress the visual of your wheels. Whether you want a high polish finish or tradition color applied to your wheels, we can deliver it for you. All coat jobs come through a three-year warranty. Contact us to accept a free quote.


Residential Wheel and Rim Repair

Bring your car to Rim Doctor for all your wheel services. Whether you need a rim flattened or gloss useful, our practiced technicians will get you systematic in style. We also work with your assurance to help you get the reporting for the repairs you need.


Wheel and rim flattening

It’s significant to save your wheels straight to retain your car driving safely. Broken or uneven asphalt, potholes, and bad road situations can make your wheels crooked.



Is your car vibrating? Does your navigation wheel shake and is it hard to turn in the favourite direction? Your car may need bent rims! Bent edges can make driving tougher and can cause your drains to blow out. We can flatten aluminium alloy and steel carriage rims as well as motorcycle rims. We can uncurl your wheels without trading them! This protects your car and avoids damage to your lorry. 


Scratched rim repair

Let’s face it—injured, scraped, or dinged rims revenue away from the look of your car. Driving on jagged roads, jolting against curbs and heavy dirt can harm your rims.






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