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When should I change my tyre?

Everyone needs a good ride and no one wants a lousy tyre that will ruin their journey. So, to have a great ride, you need to know when it is time to give your vehicle a check to see if it needs a tyre change. With New Bharath Tyres , get the best car tires in Dubai and have your tire changed easily and ensure a happy ride. Tyres mainly wore out due to the condition of the roads, the mileage, the driving habits of the driver and also the design and the climate. Generally, you just cannot say that your tyre will get bad or need a replacement on this particular day. No! It depends. But, here are some details that you can check into, to see if your vehicle needs a check or a tyre change:


  •  Never keep the tyres unchanged for more than five years; 10 to the maximum. Making sure that you do a yearly check on your tyres becomes necessary after 5 years.  Checking the warranty of your tyre is also essential so that you do not end up helpless on the road.
  • Checking the depth of the tread lets you know if you should replace your tyre or not. Every car has a tread wear and if the tread is less than 2mm, then it is time you get your ride to change its tyre
  • Rough or bad driving- Driving habits is a significant reason for tyres wearing out early. Aggressive breaking or stunts require early changing of tyres
  • If you love speed and rash driving, you need to extra cautious about checking your tyres.  Yes, taking your vehicle at high speeds or carrying heavy loads demands you to get your vehicle timely checked for tyre replacement as these factors lead to early damage to tyres

Generally, there are many reasons why a tyre can get damaged before the warranty time and it is necessary that the vehicle is taken for timely checkups and maintenance to ensure a smooth and stress-free riding. Speed bumps, potholes, speeding, UV radiation, climatic or weather conditions, ageing of the tyre, are all reasons by which tyres can be damaged. If you think or have the slightest doubt that your tyre has an issue, don’t give any second thoughts, rush your vehicle for a check and if required, change your tyres. Never go on a ride without healthy tyres because you need a happy ride and not a stuck in the middle journey.







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