Best Tyre Shop in Dubai
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Which Is the Best Tyre Shop in Dubai

Looking For Best Tyre Shop in Dubai -Tyre Dealers in Dubai,UAE


Importance of buying Tyre


Buying tyres is an essential aspect of owning a car, especially if you have an older or low-mileage vehicle. But finding the best tyre shop in Dubai can be a difficult task. There are many good tire shops out there, but only a few are worth following. Finding the best tyre shop in Dubai can be an even more difficult task to make matters worse. Tire shop reviews are valuable for anyone looking to choose the best tyre shop in Dubai for their car. If considerations are not practical for you, it requires a lot of research to find the best tyre shops. Therefore, it would be best if you did your research before you make any decisions. But with the help of this article, you will find the best tyre shop in Dubai.


Importance of Tyre


Tyres are one of the essential parts of your vehicle. Just because you own a car does not mean that your Tyre’s do not need replacing. However, a tyre that is old, cracked, and worn out will increase the risks associated with any crash. You do need to purchase new tyres if you can afford them, but there are other steps you can take to protect yourself from having to pay for old tyres. As you know, keeping up with the needs of your car is crucial. A tyre is the rubber part of a tyre that moves your vehicle.

Most people who own a car will not be choosing tyres from the car shop. But at some point, during the life of that vehicle, they will need to buy new tyres. When finding a tyre company, you can choose to buy from several online sites that deal in all types of tyres. Then, of course, you can choose to buy from one of the local Dubai tyre shops. But it is worth mentioning that not all local tyre shop online is good places to buy tyres and not all online tyre sites are good places to buy tyres.


In this review artic, we look at the best tyre shop in Dubai and review the merits of it.


New Bharath PITSTOP


Best Tyre Shop in Dubai


When it comes to the best tyre shops in Dubai, New Bharath Pitstop is the best tyre shop in Dubai. Dubai is believed to be the center of the global financial industry, which is why you can find so many high-end tyre shops there. At New Bharath Pitstop, they are passionate about their clients and want to provide them with a practical solution to their tyres. Therefore, they treat each customer with respect, quality, and honesty. All their tyres are serviced at the customer’s location, so you do not have to go anywhere.

New Bharath Pitstop is a tyre store that has been in business for over 60 years. This gallery of tyres for sale shows a variety and price range of tyres that we can recommend. They are always happy to help customers with all their tyre requirements, whether for personal or commercial purposes.


Tyre Service

They provide services like tyre hire, change of tires in Dubai, Tyre balancing in Dubai, air suspension, etc. If you are looking to buy tyres for your car but are not sure where to start, consider New Bharath Pitstop. Their tyre hire service is one of the most convenient ways to maintain your vehicle. From just a few minutes to a few weeks we can cater to all tyre needs. We have a wide range of tyres in stock that will suit your vehicle, from whole-size tyres to light-duty, sport, and economy tyres.



New Bharath Pitstop is a well-respected tyre store in Dubai. They specialize in tyres and have a vast variety. However, the most crucial thing about New Bharath Pitstop is that they offer excellent customer service and, most importantly, a fast turnaround time.


Background of Best Tyre Shop in Dubai

New Bharath Pitstop is a tyre shop in Dubai offering a wide range of tyres at affordable prices. They sell various tyres, including all-season, winter, front, and all-wheel drive, to name but a few. The business started in 2014 in Dubai, and it has been very successful since then. This flagship store New Bharath Pitstop was opened in Dubai on the occasion of its 60th anniversary. They have the most modern machinery, efficient and skilled worker team, and the best customer-focused products in all under one roof.


As one of the best Tyre and battery dealers in Dubai, New Bharath Pitstop offers comprehensive ranges of Tyres, Alloy-wheels, Automotive Batteries, and related services to clienteles across UAE. 


New Bharath Pitstop in Dubai is a part of the largest and leading chain of tyre outlets in India under New Bharath Tyres. We offer our clients automobile products from reputed brands worldwide and support them with cutting-edge technology and great expertise. New Bharath Pitstop is established to be the best tyre shop in Dubai with the esteemed support of leading brands.

From the world’s best tyres to quality alloy wheels, from long-lasting batteries to high-performance engine oils and with the latest imported hi-tech equipment for specialized services for wheel alignment, wheel balancing, tyre-fitment, alloy-wheel fitment, nitrogen-gas filling, oil changing, and battery service makes New Bharath PITSTOP is the best and the unmatchable in the country.





We ensure that you get a well-detailed break-up of each minor repair work.


Offer tyres and related products from top-notch brands across the world


We are a friendly & helpful professional group of people in Auto Care.


You can see servicing cost upfront on our Service Calculator


Excellent and committed customer services with a quick delivery response



With a legacy of 6 decades has been recognized as the No.1 tyre dealer.


NEW BHARATH Tyres, the pioneer and most-confided tire vendor in India with more than 60 years of greatness, spread its wings in the United Arab Emirates in 2014. Since its foundation in 1954, NEW BHARATH Tyres has been fit in acquiring new worldview and patterns tire-retailing. Best items, most recent apparatus, sound administration, monetary dependability, quality control rehearses, experienced and qualified labor force are the forte of New Bharath Group. 


Through steadfast responsibility and energy, New Bharath Tires won the trust and certainty of different clients from the country over. Offering best-in-class administrations utilizing state-of-the-art innovation, the organization denoted its name as the noticeable auto refueling break in India.


Some reviews of our customers

Rarely does one encounter such an experience that he feels compelled to them everyone about.

The staff is most professional and take pride in what they do and do it to perfection!

I went with a severe problem where my tyres were getting worn on my Pajero every year, and not one of the five specialist garages tyre shops could fix it. At New Bharat pitstop, the crew set it from the first time around, and the car runs so smooth, it is unbelievable. I still have not had to replace the tyres. 

Just last weekend, I took my Grand Cherokee with severe shakes and wobbles in the tyres and steering. Once more, the professional service team fixed it, gave me advice, suggestions without once pressuring me to buy new tyres. 

My Jeep runs perfectly smooth again. I cannot believe it!



I have tried their services for my vehicle’s brake, their services are satisfying, staffs were fast and competent in providing their services, but their prices are high.







I have tried their oil change service, which was satisfying, and they have quickly done the oil change process. Overall, it was perfect. I will visit again to avail of other benefits.







I took my vehicle to them for AC services which they have done it quickly. Staffs were friendly and efficient in providing their services.







Full service!

What is professional and unique about this place is that they offer plenty of needed services by most people! I took many benefits at their site, and I would love to try their services again and recommend them!




·Full Service 


I have tried their window tinting service; they have done a great job. I like the work, and the workers are fast and friendly and provide outstanding services.






Easy booking

I wanted to have some services for my car, so I opened their website to book the services. The booking process was straightforward and fast. Their team confirmed it after 5 minutes only!



  • Fast




Helpline Number

+971 55 572 9039


Location of the best tyre shop in Dubai

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New Bharath PITSTOP (New Bharath Tyres) - Baghdad Street - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Opening time of the best tyre shop in Dubai

Monday8:00 am – 10:30 pm

Tuesday8:00 am – 10:30 pm

Wednesday8:00 am – 10:30 pm

Thursday8:00 am – 10:30 pm

Friday3:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Saturday8:00 am – 10:30 pm

Sunday8:00 am – 10:30 pm


They have the credit that they take care of the best tyre shop in Dubai. They are also a tyre distributor all over Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They supply and sell tyres to all tyre dealers in Dubai.





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