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Why do I need wheel alignment for my vehicle ?

Wheel alignment is important to keep your vehicle driving smoothly. If you are inquisitive that your car really needs an alignment this blog will help you to decide why you need alignment for your vehicle? Wheel alignment is also known as tire alignment. It is a kind of adjustment or a settlement of steering and suspension to make the wheel properly connect the road and is important for the optimal safe drive. NEW BHARATH PITSTOP Total Tire Care Centre recommends wheel alignment every 2 years and it is needed when you mostly drive your vehicle on uneven and poorly maintained roads.


How do I know that my car needs alignment?

If you are an enthusiast and need the best driving experience then wheel alignment is the most significant thing to diagnose in your vehicle. For the drivers it is the most frequently asked question that why do I need wheel alignment for my vehicle? NEW BHARATH PITSTOP Total Tire Care Centre has explained the signs that will tell you that your car needs a proper wheel alignment.

Signs that tells your car need an alignment

What happens if you do not get an alignment in your vehicle? When you observe these signs in your vehicle then it means it needs a proper wheel alignment and wheel angles should need to be adjusted according to your vehicle model.


1.    Vehicle pulls to one side

When you observe that your vehicle is not running smoothly and it is pulling to one side then it's a clear sign that your vehicle has adjustment problems and it needs wheel alignment.

2.    Uneven tire wear

Seasonal changes linger on your tire but if it does not remain for a longer time and fall flat  then it is a clear sign that your tire needs a proper wheel alignment.

3.    Poor handling

Misalignment causes poor control on your vehicle and it causes difficulties to drive, if you suspect that you lose control over your vehicle then a proper wheel alignment is strictly recommended.

4.    Minimizes fuel efficiency

Poor wheel alignment minimizes your fuel efficiency and your vehicle demands for more fuel. When you observe that your vehicle needs more fuel, it is the right time to check your vehicle’s wheel alignment.

5.    Wheel squeaking

If there is no lubrication issue in your wheels then Improper wheel alignment causes your wheels to be noisy. So fix the issue to minimize the problem.


6.    Decreases tire life

A proper wheel alignment is necessary to increase the lifespan of a tire, if your tire runs flat before the warranty limit then it is recommended to align the wheels properly.




Is wheel alignment really necessary?

If you need a minimal maintenance cost and a good driving experience then wheel alignment is something that is necessarily adjusted. We are here to help you www.newbharathpitstop.com  Every vehicle has a different wheel alignment and it depends on the model of your car. If you have to drive on destructive, poor and uneven roads then we recommend wheel alignment after every six month, otherwise your vehicle needs wheel alignment after every 2 to 3 years.


Five benefits for wheel alignment


Wheel alignment has the following benefits for your vehicle.


  • Wheel alignment increases the fuel efficiency and minimizes the fuel expenses.


  • A proper wheel alignment increases the life of your tires.


  • A perfect wheel alignment reduces repairing cost.


  • It gives a luxurious driving experience.

It reduces risk while driving and you experience safe driving.





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