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Why is nitrogen used in tyres ?

To be exact, nitrogen has always made up a great chunk of the air in your tyres. While you pull in at your local servo to pump your tyres up, you’re using a dense version of the air that we breathe. This air is colloquially referred to as oxygen, but its break is actually 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, with water vapour, CO2 and small concentration of noble gases such as argon and neon creation up the rest.


What we actually mean when we’re talking about using nitrogen in tyres is using a blend that’s made up of pure nitrogen. Why would we believe this?

Well, for several time now, high-performance vehicle (race cars, for instance) and plane have used nitrogen gas in their tyres. The cause for this is, in fact, to avoid humidity. Tyres filled with normal, solid air contain a positive amount of H2O. At normal temperature, such as a plane might skill on the runway, this wet is present as droplet. Landing and braking, however, make really hot temperatures that alter water droplets to vapour, causing the tyre to expand and potentially explode. This is especially bad when we take into report the fact that oxygen is flammable.


Pure nitrogen isn’t flammable and contain no water, hence its use in the aviation business and high-performance vehicle where high temperatures are a reality. Allowing for these sorts of temperatures aren’t usually experienced in each day traffic, why would we believe nitrogen for our normal cars?


Why you should consider nitrogen in tyres for your car

The major benefit of nitrogen in tyres for the normal Joe Blow is its ability to preserve pressure. The extra oxygen there in a mix, the faster it oxidizes and leaks through the rubber, leading to under-inflated tyres. Nitrogen molecules are larger than oxygen molecules, production it harder for nitrogen to pass through the rubber. Even as the difference in size is only 2.6%, nitrogen-filled tyres leak three to four times slower than tyres filled with dense air.






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